Verbal Reasoning Test for School Students (Grade 8th to 12th)



  • 20 questions
  • 1 Practice Test
  • Answers for each question
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INR 299/Yr

Full Numerical Test

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Full Aptitude Test

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Verbal Reasoning Test

What is a verbal reasoning test? Do you remember the word problems we used to solve as a part of mathematics? If we replace the math part of the question with logic, that is a verbal reasoning question. Verbal reasoning tests assess one’s comprehensibility, problem-solving ability, and logical reasoning. 

Exam Structure

Verbal reasoning questions are either in the form of paragraphs or statements. Based on the given text, one must answer the one or more question that follows. There are four major types of verbal reasoning questions. The first type is true or false questions. One must read the given text and identify the key statement or proposition that expresses an opinion or fact about something which has to be identified as true or false. The second type is arriving at a logical conclusion based on the premise given in the text. The third type is using the commonality and logic between multiple premises to derive a conclusion or the truth. The last type is using the similarity or connection between two concepts to choose the logical answer. For example, “The sun to the day is like the moon to the night”. 

The tests can be made harder by burying the key statement or premise within a long paragraph. One must be able to identify the important statements before answering the question. There can be multiple reasoning statements and one should read all of them thoroughly before answering the questions as the factors may change the answer.

Who can Attend?

Verbal reasoning tests are used in both recruitment and admission processes. Students, as well as job seekers, must practice them. Students who have to write an entrance examination or aptitude test might face these questions. Students applying to Law and Finance and Accounting degrees will be tested in this. Employers use these tests to check if the candidate has adequate language comprehensibility, properly analyses the question before answering, and performance during time constraints. 

Benefits Of Aptitude Tests

Students who are exposed to aptitude tests in schools will be able to perform better in entrance exams. Their logical, reasoning and problem-solving abilities will be improved. School students and graduates can practice various aptitude tests to find their strengths and weaknesses. 

Verbal reasoning tests can be easily cracked if one approaches the question with a clear head and patience. One should read the question and answer thoroughly before selecting their answer. Pay extra attention to double negatives. With constant practice, everything will become easy. All the best!